Working Capital Loan

A working capital loan is given to a business that needs additional financing to operate the businesses. This loan only covers the expenses incurred by existing capital, operational use, payroll or utilities. Mostly, this is granted for the company which not enough financing to cover expenses. Unlike SME Loan, working capital loan cover huge of area in order to expand much for your business.

Use of Working Capital Loan

Sometimes you may need additional financial due to an unforeseen situation. It might be just a little bit short to cover the other expenses of a project. A working capital loan allows you to continue daily operation to cover ongoing operating expenses. Whether your business is trading, services or manufacturing, you need additional capital to operate until business revenue can stabilize. This is where we as licensed money lender can help.

Our services’ feature:

  • Easy application process
  • Low document requirements
  • Fast approval process
  • Quick disbursement of loan
  • Flexible tenure


This loan is open for businesses operating in shop lots, offices or a factory. And usually, the businesses operate for more than 1 year. Besides, this business should also be registered with SSM. In addition, the borrower must also submit 6 months’ bank statements. Last but not least, we also require IC copy of the directors of the company. If any of the above requirements are not fulfilled, the loan application will be assessed individually.


Therefore, look no further. You can consider our working capital loan if your company face difficulty to cover payroll or utility expenses. We are always here to help you overcome your financial distress. Call our expertise instead to solve your problem in short time!