Factory Loan and Shop Financing

Factory loan

Factory loan refers to a type of financing used to acquire a factory or an industrial property. The loan cash is not only for the acquisition of the property but we can also use it to expand an existing factory or to even purchase machinery and equipment for production to run daily business model.

Depending on the respective bank’s criteria, some banks may offer a factory loan judging by the location, type of commercial property and the number of floors in the building. Unlike home loans, the banks are very strict with the types of commercial property they finance.

Banks tend to disapprove loans meant to finance factories situated within shopping complexes. If the factory is on the upper floor of a mixed development, the loan is likely to get rejected too. If your factory falls within any of these categories, you have a reason to consider private lenders to fund especially if your financial status isn’t strong as well.

Shop financing

Shop financing involves any loans that cater to the business operating in shops. It could be trading, servicing, restaurants, cafe or even offices operating out of the shops as same as debt consolidation method. Sometimes, even a stable company may run into emergency cash flow needs. It may be due to festive holidays, or slowdown in the economy.

For whatever reason, this temporary change in the business environment has affected you. You may have short-term temporary financing needs. We can always assist with the shop loan if your shops need urgent cash. If your shops have been in operation for more than 6 months, and consistent business revenue, we may be able to consider a shop financing for you.


Operating a business is not easy. Even if you own a manufacturing factory, that may have been in operation for more than 5-10 years. Or your shops which may have just started operation, we can still help. You may have sudden cash needs due to unforeseen circumstances. Hence a quick factory loan or shop financing can help you overcome your temporary financial distress. For more details, please don’t feel shy to contact with our expertise instead to resolve your problem in short time!