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Our Services

Business Loan

Business Expansion?

Apply for business loan to increase your business fund and expand your business.

Debt Consolidation

Having interest problem?

We can assist you in debt consolidation from many debts into one loan.

Pawn Loan

Need for fast cash?

Pawn your valuable goods in exchange of cash money refer to market value.

Refinancing Loan

Easy loan?

Use your own property pawn for immediate cash based on their market value.

SME business loan

Insufficient modal?

Apply for SME loan in assist of monetary and compete with other business.

Working Capital Loan

Suffer for operating cost?

We strive to assist you with working capital loan to settle for salary and other payment.

ABout Us

Who we are?

We are licensed money lender company which was registered with SSM, and authorized by KDNK to provide loan service. We try our best to help you resolve your financing problem.

Why Us?

Whether it is for business purpose or personal use , you just needed temporary financing to overcome the difficulty. Besides, you either get rejected by the bank or it may take a long time for the bank to approve the loan application. You do not have this luxury of time for your emergency loan needs.

Which area we do cover?

We cover mostly in KL and Selangor, but we do have branches in other parts of Malaysia, such as Johor, Melaka, Negeri Sembilan and Perak. If you have any business loan needs, we can always assist.